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I have been collecting GertrudeandAlice “stuff” for almost 30 years and have exhibited items from my collection around the world.

The web site gertrudeandalice.com was begun in 2002 as part of the 125th birthday celebration of Alice B. Toklas. And though in the intervening years the site had allowed me to get the word out about various books and events relating to the Two Ladies and  put me in contact with people around the world who have posed questions or needed information pertaining to GertrudeandAlice, I felt  several years ago that the immediacy offered by a blog would make the site more vibrant and timely.

It has been fun for me to see what posts have made their way to this blog. Subject areas usually “just come to me” and then I begin to flesh them out with the help of the amazing archive of photos in Google images!.

One of my favorite Gertrude Stein quotes is from her book FOUR IN AMERICA:

“Clarity is of no importance because nobody listens and nobody knows what you mean, nor how clearly you mean what you mean.  But if you have vitality enough of knowing enough of what you mean, somebody and sometimes and sometimes a great many will have to realize that you know what you mean and so they will agree that you mean what you know, what you know you mean, which is as near as anybody can come to understanding any one.”

Hopefully this blog allows us to be “as near as anybody can come to understanding any one.”

Hans Gallas

San Francisco


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