GertrudeandAliceandBasketII: A New Year’s Resolution Conversation

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The conversation begins:

carl-mydans-author-gertrude-stein-sitting-with-alice-b-toklas-at-a-villa copy


Lovey, I promise to never again move all of your notebooks while dusting without first asking!


I’ll believe that when I see it. Pussy, I promise to never stand over your shoulder when you’re cooking, whispering in your ear any secret ingredients to add to your recipes.


Right! I promise to always use the fine, horse-hair brush to brush your corduroy skirt in the same direction, so that the nap is smooth and velvety to the touch.


Thank God, nothing worse than uneven, nappy corduroy. And I promise to do the dishes and pots and pans on weekends when Helene is gallivanting about Paris.


Right! And rough up your writing hand!?


Promises, promises! We’ll see, I’ve been around the block with these girls for a long time.

HAPPY 2015!


Holiday Wishes: GertrudeandAliceandFritzandTomand-MatthewandTrevor!

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A post from Paris via Fogo Island, Toronto and San Francisco.

As the year ends with the usual holiday celebrations, it is also time to celebrate another event, the 3rd anniversary of the publishing of GERTRUDE AND ALICE AND FRITZ AND TOM.


Sometimes it feels as if this happened a long, long time ago, but whenever I pick up a copy of the book to send out, there are still very positive feelings of accomplishment, newness and satisfaction.

A few weeks ago, those feelings hit an all time high when a package arrived from Toronto. In it was an exquisite bottle of Turkey Hill maple syrup – “Canada No. 1 Light,” some Mary MacLeod’s Shortbread – “Handmade All Butter,” two, attractive greeting cards (one with the Cat in the Hat, the other with the image of a folk art style elephant), several photographs, and a block letter written note, which looked very much like the one from Fritz and Tom in my book.

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Happy Holidays from GertrudeandAlice !

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More than thirty years ago I began collaging postcards for the holidays and mailing them to friends.  At one point they began having only GertrudeandAlice themes.  I wonder how that happened?!

Here is this year’s card which is only available in this online version. Sorry to all of you who used to receive them the old-fashioned way via post.

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