1877: That Was the Year That Was, So Maybe, Just Maybe!

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Every year brings with it landmark events and 1877 was no different.

So today, the 135th birthday of Alice B. Toklas, let’s take a look at some of the happenings of that year and how maybe, just maybe, they shaped the life of the infant born that day on O’Farrell Street in San Francisco.

The streets of San Francisco 1877

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4/18/06: The Day San Francisco Really Rocked and Rolled

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One hundred and six years ago yesterday, San Francisco burned following the jolt of the 1906 Fire and Earthquake.

Gertrude Stein had been living in Paris for three years at the time of the quake, but Alice B. Toklas was in San Francisco living with her father on Clay Street.

The house on Clay Street.

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