Birthday Tea with Alice B.

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Various materials and precious metals or gems have over the years been assigned to anniversaries  – paper for the 1st up to diamonds for both the 60th and 75th.  I have no idea who established this custom, but whoever it was must have realized that once one has been married either 60 or 75 years, even though a diamond may be forever, they don’t have too many forevers to enjoy and the heirs will soon be grabbing those family jewels.

I have not seen a comparable tradition for birthdays other than assigning precious or semi-precious gems as birthstones to correspond with the month of one’s birth. In the case of April the diamond is generally listed as that month’s birthstone though opal and sapphire have also appeared on some lists.

So today on Alice’s 134th birthday, let’s add a diamond to the birthday feather for her birthday hat and celebrate with a spot of tea.

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Now Repeat in Steinese, Repeated

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As the crow flies or maybe the American Eagle, it is 953 miles or  1,582 kilometers from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to Portland, Oregon, USA and GertrudeandAlice are about to embark on this journey just in time for Alice’s 134th birthday on April 30th, as the stage is set for another Stein production.

This production, Now Repeat in Steinese , originated in New York and was written about on this blog in May of last year,  Stein ‘n Wine, a Night of Steinese. What better tribute to the Mistress of Repetition than to repeat  Now Repeat in Steinese! And what better birthday gift could Alice ask for, other than maybe a well-ostrich-feathered chapeau!

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Edmonton Regales GertrudeandAlice

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GertrudeandAlice were never in Canada…until the last few weeks  and their arrival in Edmonton, Alberta will effect the city for a long, long time!

Just as the scrolling text in New York’s Time Square heralded their arrival in 1934, the Timms Centre for the Arts on the campus of the University of Alberta in its own way welcomed the Two Ladies from Paris with open arms with this extraordinary production, “The Gertrude Stein Project.”

There was a there there amid winter's last snow!

I was so fortunate to be there to join the welcoming party for a preview and for opening night! (I only regret that I didn’t have an armload of yellow roses, Gertrude’s favorite flower, and an armload of lilacs, Alice’s favorite flower, to toss at the feet of the team that made all of this happen!)

I generally don’t like reviews because in a review a critic often feels obligated to write about the good, the bad and the ugly. In this case there is no “bad” or  “ugly” and as you’ll see in a bit, I will provide full disclosure because all the “good,” is so, so good, you may wonder “What did they pay this guy?!”


Instead of a “review,” I call this a ” tribute”  to everyone who made “The Gertrude Stein Project” the phenomenal event that it was.








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