The Puppies Have Arrived and Thanks Giving

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The puppies were born yesterday and it’s time for thanks giving as the circle of life continues on this round, round world.Hector_day1Juanita_day1Diego_day1Consuela_day1Chuy_day1Alfredo_day1[1]

“…Alice suddenly appeared to announce dinner – I had by that time forgotten that it was Thanksgiving-and Gertrude put us to work setting the table.

I have never known such a Thanksgiving feast in my life. It must, I suppose, have been enhanced by the fact that it was completely unexpected, but the amount and quality of the food amounted to a spectacle. I was very moved when I learned that most of the traditional. American foods-including sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, marshmallows, cranberries, all unheard of in Paris had been specifically ordered from America for this dinner and for us.

In her usual direct, positive way, Gertrude said that she felt that American children needed to have an American Thanksgiving.” Fritz Peters from BOYHOOD WITH GURDJIEFF

Welcome to our world and thank you for coming! We too have never known such a Thanksgiving.

Two Baskets, Byron, Pépé, and Ollie

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When I began writing this blog, I had no idea how personal some of what I’d write might be. This is an issue that  bloggers face.  I assumed that I would write relatively spontaneously about various things that came to mind about GertrudeandAlice and my relationship with them over a period of almost 25 years- personal insights, but not really personal.

About a week ago, however, we had to put our nine year old English Springer Spaniel Ollie to sleep after a very sudden and unexpected illness. So this post will be quite personal.

Dogs are family and the sadness and loss felt when they are gone and the tears shed for them are family tears.

The French poodles, Basket I and II and the two chihuahuas, Byron and Pépé were an integral part of GertrudeandAlice’s family.  The Springer Spaniel, Oliver, Ollie for short, was an integral part of ours.

Ollie, summer 2009

Ollie, summer 2009

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